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Customer Photos and Testimonials

If you would like a picture of your pottery with food & flowers included and/or a comment added to this page, just email it to us at PotteryForLiving@gmail.com.



Saw you at the Bonita Springs show last year.
Got the large pie dish with the idea of a large Chicken pot pie and a nice big apple pie.
Pie dish is not only beautifully made but baked a perfect pie and crust.
Thanks, Jim Eiden

I visited your both in Sanibel, Fl at the art and craft fair February 13th. 
I purchased 2 of these sets, one for me and one as a gift for my sister. 
We both LOVE the set. My sister brought dessert over for our family dinner. What a beautiful display. 


Nice to meet you today! We're enjoying our new ikebana vases.

Our Thanksgiving table looked so pretty with our Ikebana vases.  Everyone commented on them.



I made my lasagna in the large baking dish.  It was easy and came out great. I only had to cut the one noodle when I started and finished the last row.  I also made a roast chicken in this dish and added carrots, onions and potatoes, drizzled with olive oil and salt and pepper.  Yum, so moist.



We bought our first piece of pottery from ‘Pottery for Living’ about 5 years ago at an art festival.  We bought a serving/baking platter.  We liked it so much that the next year we bought a pie pan and our collection has just continued to grow.  There could not be a better name for this than ‘Pottery for Living’ since we use it all the time.  We serve with it.  We bake with it.  We grate garlic and ginger with it.  These pieces are versatile and beautiful.  Food cooks wonderfully (put the dish in a cold oven and let it heat up with the oven) and cleans up easily.  The pieces have a polished finish and beautiful glazes/colors to choose from.   I’m sure that we’ll continue to add pieces to our collection over time.   Jim & Candy 2015

Dear Greg and Donna,
I recently received my bowl and I am so pleased with that! It is exactly what I wanted!
Thank you for taking the time to talk with me at length during the Ann Arbor Art fair. 
I appreciated your patience with me. We've already used it many times and I am so pleased
each time I bring it out. Thanks again for your beautiful work!
Miki Doan 
“Donna and Greg, Will definitely recommend you to others! Great quality evident in every item;
 Warm, personal attention to each customer; Attractive display of wares; very beautiful pieces
 to use throughout the home! What's not to love? Can't wait to begin using my pieces,
 and am very excited to give one as a Christmas gift! My son-in-law will love the quality
 of your workmanship, too! God bless you both! Thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you
 both tonight and having a chance to "meet the Artists!" I am going to treasure my piece
 even more because of your kind heartedness! Best wishes in all of your endeavors! Sincerely, Patti Thelen”


On 9/5/2016 6:14 PM, Dagmar wrote:

I'm a bit of a foodie and made a video to share with my foodie friends. I tagged you, hope that's ok (I'm proud to tell everyone where I got this gorgeous stoneware).
If you ever wonder where your pieces end up, wonder if they are being used, etc., here you go; I plan to cook, and serve, in this piece for many years. I truly look forward to adding matching pieces to my collection.

Thanks again for staying late for me yesterday. It was a pleasure meeting you both.


Utensil vessel looks and works great for our Nespresso k cups for our coffee machine.  Thanks!


I've never written a mug fan letter, but I just have to say thank you for the wonderful mug I bought at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. It is my favorite mug, and I MUST use it every morning. (I'm so attached that I'm even considering taking it on a business trip!) No one else in my family is allowed to use it.

First of all, it's a beautiful work of art, and it's wonderful to start my day with beauty. Next, I love how I can put it in the microwave worry free. Furthermore, the size is perfect: not too big so that my beverage cools before I finish and not too small so that refills are quickly necessary. Finally, the shape is perfect, fitting my hand both with the handle and also with the body of the mug if my hand needs a little warming. Oh, one more thing, the weight is perfect: not too light and not too heavy. Okay, I'm a complete mug geek, and I've found the PERFECT mug in my Pottery for Living mug!
Pat Browning


This is without a doubt some of the prettiest and most functional pottery I have ever come across. I love it. Thank you. (Customer feedback from Gainesville Marketplace show 11/17)



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